Welcome to the Township of Marlboro, New Jersey
Township of Marlboro, New Jersey

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Scam Alerts

• IRS warns of phone scams and tells consumers‘ if you are surprised to hear from us then it is not us’.  See the IRS Press Release for more. 

• Utilities remind customers to ask workers for ID before allowing them in your home.  See News Release HERE

• Both JCP&L and the Internal Revenue Service warn customers about telephone scams. Never give out personal information over the telephone.  Please see below for details. 

• The IRS continues to warn citizens about  a pervasive phone scam.  The caller claims to be an IRS official and demand payment even threatening jail.  The IRS will NOT call to demand payment, ask for payment or Social Security number over the phone, or threaten to arrest you.  Do not give out any information.  Hang up immediately and call 800-366-4484 or report on line to  IRS Impersonation Scam Reporting.

• JCP&L warns of a payment scam using a pre-paid debit card or money transfer service.  They may even provide you with a verification call back number.  JCP&L will not demand payment over the phone or at a location, it does not accept pre-paid debit cards and will never demand personal information over the phone.  Please see the JCP&L Press Release for MORE.

If you have questions, please call the Marlboro Police at 732 536-0100. 

• Warning of Unauthorized Solicitation from an organization called the “Association for Firefighters and Paramedics”. Click HERE for more