Welcome to the Township of Marlboro, New Jersey
Township of Marlboro, New Jersey



Town Hall
1979 Township Drive
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Division of Water Utility

For questions, please call 732-536-0200 ext. 1816.


If you have a water emergency during non-office hours, please call the Marlboro Township Police Department at 732-536-0100.

Water Service Rates and Fees (Please Note the Water Connection Fee (per service unit) has been updated to $5,000.00 per Ordinance # 2016-004.)

Marlboro Township Water Utility Division 2016 Water Quality Report

Application for Water Service for connection or disconnection (permanent or temporary) should be completed along with the Hold Harmless Agreement and mailed or hand delivered along with your Certificate of Liability Insurance to the Marlboro Water Utility. Please call 732-536-0200 ext. 1816 for more information

Marlboro Township Water Utility Division was one of many water purveyors in the country selected by USEPA to participate in the Assessment Monitoring for certain Unregulated Contaminants (also known as UCMR 3 program ). During the 12 month monitoring program which started in April 2014, water samples will be collected in each quarter and analyzed by an EPA -certified laboratory. The results of the testing will be posted on the Township’s website and may be obtained from the Water Utility Division on or about July 2015.

Development Connect Checklist

Disconnect Packet

Single Family Packet


Hydrant Flushing is done twice each year to remove any sediment that may accumulate in low flow areas of our water distribution system. This operation maintains the overall excellent water quality in our distribution system and ensures that each fire hydrant operates properly. Customers may notice lower water pressure and a slight discoloration of water as flushing is performed in your area. This discoloration is not harmful and will clear up if you let the water run a few extra minutes. For questions, please call Customer Service Monday to Thursday from 9am to 4:30pm at (732) 536-0200 Ext. 1816.