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Many people have asked, "Why is it necessary to get a permit to work in my own home?" The reasons are many, starting with the health and safety of the public, which is the responsibility of the building department. A permit assures that the building department’s fire, electrical, plumbing, or building inspector, when called, will check the work done by a homeowner or contractor to make sure that he/she complies with the construction codes. Failure to secure permits or to request inspections could result in causing a fire hazard or contaminating a building’s water supply. Furthermore, if work done without a permit causes damage which results in an insurance claim, the insurance company may hold up paying a claim if it is discovered that no permit was issued for the work. When a building is sold, the building department does a mandatory CCO inspection at which time many finished basements, basement bathrooms and other remodeling projects are found to have been done without permits. At that time the building department is requested to do "visual" inspections, which could result in reopening walls and floors to inspect the work. Additionally, homeowners and contractors may be fined for doing work without a permit. It’s just not worth it. For your own health, safety and peace of mind, 'file for a permit'.