Welcome to the Township of Marlboro, New Jersey
Township of Marlboro, New Jersey

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Financial Documents

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Financial Statement
Annual Debt Statements
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Budget Assistance Division

The Budget Assistance Division of the Administration Department is responsible for preparing an annual budget for Marlboro Township and for administering that budget in conjunction with the heads of all municipal departments.  The Budget Assistance Division is headed by the Budget Officer whose responsibilities include:

  • Compiling a budget document in accordance with the policies established by the Mayor , for presentation by the Mayor to the Council in accordance with the Township Charter.
  • Prescribing and preparing uniform budget request forms for use by all departments and other spending agencies and for providing usage instructions.
  • Reviewing and analyzing all budget requests for appropriations and making recommendations to the Business Administrator
  • Prescribing and requiring each department and other spending agency to maintain records and produce reports of their respective work load and performance.
  • Preparing all estimates of non-property-tax revenues.
  • Maintaining an ongoing administrative review of departmental operating methods, organization and management.

Budget Operation

The Budget Officer supervises the administration of each annual budget.  Immediately after the budget is enacted and after consultation with all department heads, the Budget Officer establishes quarterly allotments of appropriations to each department.  At the beginning of each quarter, the amount specified by the budget becomes available to each department for obligation during that period.  An encumbrance of budget appropriations is maintained by the Finance Department .