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Public Safety Update
May 16, 2012

As you have read in the local news, there have been a number of home burglaries in some of our neighborhoods and in surrounding areas.  While there is no cause for alarm, this is of course great concern to me and has recently been a primary source of focus of our Police Department.  I wanted to take time to reach out and let residents know that the Township is fully engaged in addressing this problem.

It appears that the recent uptick in burglaries is being driven by random individuals looking for small easily transportable items such as jewelry that can be sold quickly for cash.

Our Police Officers have joined with neighboring departments as part of a multi- jurisdictional task force dedicated to jailing those responsible for the crimes.  At the same time, we have also employed other resources in the crime fighting effort.  Township employees who operate vehicles, both on the municipal side and with the Board of Education are being instructed on how to serve as additional “eyes and ears” when in our neighborhoods.  Our Firefighters and EMS personnel, who are often in neighborhoods late at night, are also being more vigilant. This puts 100 or more additional people on the street who can communicate suspicious activity back to police headquarters with the click of a radio.  In some areas, additional Township vehicles are being deployed to keep watch and deter burglars.

As of today, nine suspects have been arrested and charged by the Marlboro Police Department and are awaiting Grand Jury action.

In addition, Police personnel have been speaking and meeting with concerned residents and offering the following tips:
1.         Make Your Block Secure – Get to know your neighbors and watch out for each other.  Emergency contact information for your neighbors should be easily accessible, preferably near the phone.
2.         Watch for Strangers – If an unfamiliar person is lingering and/or wandering in your area, they may be looking for a home to burglarize. Warn a neighbor if you see someone looking at their home.  Don’t be afraid to call the police to report any suspicious behavior. 
3.         Make Your Home Difficult to Break Into - Walk around your house to make sure there are no vulnerable points, lock your doors and windows, reinforce front and back door locks with deadbolts and install a security bar on your sliding glass door. When you leave the house, remember to lock all the doors and windows. If you go out after dark, leave a TV or radio on. 
4.         Secure Your Valuables – Criminals need to locate as many easily transportable items as possible and move quickly.  Don’t keep things in places they know to look like jewelry boxes, bathroom vanities and the back of freezers. 

For more detailed information, please visit www.crimepreventiontips.org

Marlboro is a great community, with a proud tradition of residents joining together to confront challenges. This is the time to get to know your neighbors and remain alert while our Police force does its job.  Please be assured that on all shifts, nights and weekends, the Police Department continues to maintain full staffing and resources dedicated to protecting residents and their property.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the watch commander or shift supervisor at 732-536-0100.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation.
Mayor Jon Hornik