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April, 2017

Dear resident,

I am very proud that Marlboro has consistently been named as one of New Jersey’s Safest Cities.  In fact, just last week we were noted as one of the best New Jersey towns for families; the second highest town in Monmouth County.  These rankings cite our school districts,  community services, quality of life, and our low crime rates.  Our safe community is a credit to our Police Department, led by Chief Hall, which has placed community policing at the forefront of its mission. Unfortunately, no community is immune to theft. 

Marlboro, along with surrounding towns, has had incidents of car thefts. In almost all cases, the car has the keyless entry (key fob) in or near the car. A key fob left in the car prevents the car from being locked and allows it to be easily driven away, giving the thief not only access to your car but most likely your home address in the glove compartment and your garage door opener. 

Thieves are looking for the path of least resistance, and so we offer these tips to lessen the chance that you are the target:

  1. Take your keys with you when you park.   Do not leave them in your car.  Not even in your driveway.
  2. Do not leave the extra set of keys in your car.  Keep them in the house or with another member of your family.
  3. Do not place the keys close to the vehicle. If your keys are placed, for example, near your garage, the fob can be close enough to start the car and drive away.

The Police offer the following additional tips to keep you and your belongings protected:

  1. When parking at the gym, do not leave your wallet, handbag, keys, etc.  in the car.  If someone walks into the gym empty handed, it is indicative that valuables are left behind.
  2. If you have a house alarm set it, even when leaving for ‘just a while’.
  3. As we head towards spring break and vacation time, we remind you that you can request extra police patrols while you are away.  The Police Security Vacation check is available year round and adds extra peace of mind while you enjoy your vacation. Should you wish to use this service, please read the WAIVER FORM  and complete the REQUEST FOR SECURITY CHECK .
  4. Please visit the Marlboro Police WEBSITE for additional services and information.

For more information, please call the Marlboro Division of Police at 732-536-0100.  For emergencies dial 9-1-1. Call the police if you see something that doesn’t seem right and take these basic steps to ensure your security.  By working together we can keep Marlboro the wonderful place it is to live and raise a family.

Yours in community,
Jon Hornik, Mayor