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Dear Marlboro Resident,

Today is the second anniversary of “Superstorm Sandy”.  Sandy makes us appreciate even more the relatively mild and calm weather we enjoyed this this summer and into the fall. 

Every extreme weather event we experience serves as an important reminder of the need to maintain as many open lines of communication as possible. Please visit the “Communications for Residents” section on the Town Website to register for Facebook, Twitter, email blasts and register your home and cell phones for “reverse 911”. These methods, in addition to channel 77, are utilized to publicize town programs, meetings and events and, in times of emergency, alert and inform residents. http://www.marlboro-nj.gov/resident-communications.html

You may recall receiving email updates before, during and after Sandy (which can be viewed on our town website at http://www.marlboro-nj.gov/mayor-1012-storm-releases.html.) Our website now includes a ‘Storm Updates’ section which may be found on the Alerts tab on the homepage.  Communications including storm emails, preparedness information, Office of Emergency Management notifications, and JCP&L updates are all posted there for your convenience and reference may be found at http://www.marlboro-nj.gov/storm/Storm_updates.html

Attached to this email is a copy of the letter and brochure recently mailed to your home entitled ‘Superstorm Sandy 2nd Anniversary – Township Update’ and ‘Plan and Prepare’. The brochure contains important storm preparation information as well as website addresses and emergency phone numbers.  I urge you to print this document and post it in a visible and immediately accessible location in your home. 

Finally, as we head into the Holiday Season, we cannot forget that some of our neighbors are still struggling with reconstruction and rebuilding efforts.  I ask that your thoughts and prayers remain with those who are still recovering from the Superstorm that made landfall on this day two years ago.

Mayor Jon Hornik