DPW Spring Collection Message #4
April 8, 2021

Dear Resident:

Brush collection is complete and bagged leaf collection by zone is underway.  All collections take DPW approximately one week to complete the scheduled zones, but once they pass your street, they will not return and debris must be removed by a private contractor or brought to the recycling center.   

BAGGED LEAF COLLECTION – Leaves must be placed in biodegradable paper bags and placed curbside for collection as per the schedule on the Recycling Calendar, removed by a private contractor or brought to the recycling center.  As with brush, items may not be placed curbside more than one week prior to your first scheduled pickup day and not later than 7am of the first day. 


Zones 3 & 5 Week of 3/29 COMPLETE
Zones 2 & 4 Week of 4/5 IN PROCESS
Zones 1 & 8 Week of 4/12
Zones 6 & 7 Week of 4/19
*Do not place curbside more than one week before collection week, but not later than 7am of first day.

Brush and leaves may NOT be commingled.   For the safety of all residents, please note the following regulations:

  • Lawn debris (brush and bagged leaves) is to be placed curbside (not in the roadway, but on your property near the road) by 7:00 am on the first day of the scheduled pickup week.
  • Please do not place lawn debris near sewer drains. If you have a sewer inlet on or near your property, please take a moment to ensure the drain is clear and free from debris. With just a few minutes a month you can help reduce flooding and keep our waterways healthy! #adopt-a-drain
  • Weather permitting; it generally takes approximately one week to complete each pair of zones. Once a street has been completed, the DPW will not return to that street. If you miss your zone’s scheduled pickup see below for recycling center guidelines or you may arrange for a private contractor.   
  • For the safety of pedestrians and motorists do not place lawn debris at the curb earlier than one week prior to the first scheduled collection date.

Brush and leaves cannot be commingled with each other, grass, rocks, stumps, construction debris, fence posts, etc., trash or recyclables.  Landscapers or residents placing debris for collection in an unauthorized manner shall be required to remove the waste from the public right of way.

RECYCLING CALENDAR – The 2021 calendar has been mailed to all homes and is posted on the website and linked HERE. 

RECYCLING CENTER - Brush and leaves are accepted at the Township Recycling Center throughout the year, free of charge. The hours of the Recycling Center are Monday and Wednesday 8:00-1:30 and Saturday 8:00-4:00 (holidays may affect these hours). 

Other items that may be dropped off at the Recycling Center are:

  • Electronics (TVs, computers, etc.)  - No charge. No permit required.
  • Bulk Items - Free bulk permit required and available on-line on our SDL portal. HERE.

Recycling Guidelines are available on page 10 of the recycling calendar mailed to your home or HERE.   You may also obtain recycling information by calling 732 536-0188 or by sending an email to 

Thank you for your cooperation as we work to keep Marlboro streets safe and clean. 

Robert Miller, Superintendent of Public Works