Engineering Division
Extending or Re-doing Your Driveway

For expanding an existing driveway, an application for a Zoning Permit is first required. A sketch of the existing and proposed driveway with dimensions should be included with the application. The Zoning Department will check for lot coverage, setbacks and possible encroachments onto utility easements or other types of easements. The application then goes to Engineering for review. The Engineering Division will review grading, sight distances, tree removal, conflicts with utilities, and other impacts of the driveway expansion. Approval of the expansion will be given if no adverse impacts with respect to the above are anticipated. There is also a review/inspection fee of $100 per driveway. In addition, if the work involves cutting a new entrance into an existing curb, a separate road opening permit is required. More information is available in the Cutting Into a Road section of the Engineering Division's section of this website.