RE: Atlantic Tree Recycling Facility

 Dear Resident,

The Marlboro Township Zoning office recently received notice from Monmouth County that Atlantic Tree Materials & Grinding Co, Inc. (Atlantic Tree) had again made an application to the County and the State to engage in recycling activities at 198 Tennent Road in Marlboro with an anticipated start date of May 15, 2019. I am pleased to announce that our Administration was again successful in blocking Atlantic Tree’s application.

Some of you may recall that Atlantic Tree made a similar application in 2012. From the beginning, my administration and the Township Council spoke out against this application. It is the Township’s position that a recycling facility at this location is not appropriate and violates our Township’s Zoning Ordinance. We continue to believe that a tree recycling facility has no place being located in a residential area near schools and on an already busy roadway. At that time, Atlantic Tree applied to the Marlboro Township Zoning Board of Adjustment for a variance; however they withdrew their application, deciding instead to appear before Monmouth County Solid Waste Advisory Committee (SWAC).

We did not stop, and our residents fought with us, showing up by the hundreds to the SWAC meeting in Freehold. On March 20, 2015 I issued a Press Release HERE stating that, after three years of hearings, SWAC unanimously voted not to recommend Atlantic Tree for inclusion in their plan.

We believe that this application to SWAC was Atlantic Tree once again attempting to find a way around the SWAC ruling and Marlboro Township’s local zoning ordinances. Upon receipt of the notice, we were in contact with the County and the applicant. Marlboro’s Zoning Officer formally notified Atlantic Tree that their proposed recycling facility is not a permitted use at that location and that if they persisted we would take all appropriate legal action to prevent the facility from operating.

Yesterday, we received notification from the SWAC Coordinator that Atlantic Tree has been informed that they may not begin operation as it does not meet Marlboro Township’s zoning requirements. We will take all measures to ensure that this directive is enforced.

Should Atlantic Tree contact Marlboro Township for approval, I want to assure residents that we will continue to fight this application. As last time, we will keep you informed of any changes to the application status via email and social media. I have full confidence that the residents of Marlboro will again, if need be, join with us to fight this application.

Yours in Community,
Mayor Jon Hornik