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Press Releases & News Stories

Press Releases & News Stories
April 24, 2024 Mayor Hornik Announces Marlboro Arboretum Awarded Accreditation
April 18, 2024 Mayor Hornik’s Letter to Residents Regarding Threat to School
April 11, 2024
February 27, 2024 Mayor Hornik Announces Township Council Meetings Live Streamed
November 29, 2023 Recent Social Media Commentary
November 9, 2023
November 1, 2023

Hurricane Season Update – 2023

October 11, 2023 Statement on Social Media Posts
October 6, 2023

Mayor Hornik announces Marlboro CFO Named to Statewide Board

August 23, 2023 Mayor Hornik Announces New Anti-Auto Theft Initiative
August 16, 2023 Busing to Marlboro High School Restored
July 31, 2023 Mayor Hornik Auto Theft Update
June 20, 2023 Mayor Hornik’s Courtesy Busing Update
June 20, 2023 Mayor Hornik’s Trenton Testimony in Favor of Property Tax Cuts for Seniors
June 7, 2023 Mayor Hornik Courtesy Busing Update #3
June 7, 2023
May 18, 2023 Mayor Hornik’s Statement on School Incidents
April 25, 2023 Mayor Hornik Announces Six New Pickleball Courts to be constructed
April 24, 2023 Mayor Hornik Presents Budget with no Tax Increase
February 17, 2023 Mayor Hornik Proclamation on 175th Anniversary
February 1, 2023 Happy 175 Anniversary from Mayor Hornik
December 7, 2022 Mayor Hornik Announces Farmland Preserved
November 18, 2022 10th Anniversary Superstorm Sandy
November 3, 2022 Ordinance Vehicle Theft for Release
 October 29, 2022

10th Anniversary Superstorm Sandy

September 8, 2022 Mayor Hornik Announces Partnership Between ‘Ring’ App and Marlboro Police
May 31, 2022 Mayor Hornik Announces ‘Take the Pledge; Safety Initiative
July 8, 2022 Mayor Hornik’s Letter on Marlboro Township Dispatch Services.
June 17, 2022 Mayor Hornik Announces $35mm 7-year Road Improvement Program
May 31, 2022 Mayor Hornik Announces ‘Take the Pledge’ Safety Initiative
April 29, 2022

Mayor Hornik Hosts Governor Murphy for Press Conference Announcing $10mm License Plate Reader Initiative to Combat Vehicle Thefts

March 28, 2022

Mayor Hornik Expands Citizen Reporting Initiative

  Mayor Hornik’s Town Hall with Optimum – March 14, 2022
  Mayor Hornik’s Year End Review
October 20, 2020 Statement from Mayor Hornik on Marlboro Bias Incident
October 20, 2020 Mayor Hornik testifies before Senate Committee on JCP&L Storm Response
September 14, 2020 Mayor Hornik announces Farmers Market Extension
August 28, 2020 Weekend Update August 28 Edition
August 18, 2020 Mayor Hornik testifies to State assembly on JCP&L storm response
August 10, 2020 Mayor Hornik’s letter to BPU President following Tropical Storm Isaias
August 2, 2020 Township Weekly Update August 2, 2020
July 30, 2020 Mayor Hornik’s Letter to Marlboro Businesses-July 30
July 30, 2020

Marlboro Township Services UPDATE July 30, 2020

July 20, 2020 Township Update
May 7, 2020 Restaurant and Grocery Store Update
April 6, 2020 Message from Mayor Hornik
April 2, 2020 Thursday Email Blast - April 2
February 28, 2020 Mayor Hornik Announces New Town Website
December 31, 2019  Mayor Hornik and Chief Pezzullo Message on Anti-Semitic Incidents
 November 5, 2019  Mayor Hornik Announces Veterans Day Ceremony
 July 17, 2019  Mayor Hornik announces $420k FEMA grant. Please contact us for additional information
 July 8, 2019  Mayor Hornik Announces Receipt of $120k Federal Grant for Road Improvements
 June 25, 2019  2019 Marlboro Farmers Market Grand Opening
 June 24, 2019  Mayor Hornik’s Statement on Morgan Farm DEP Application
 June 12, 2019  Clean Communities Grant
 May 15, 2019  Tree Recyling Update from Mayor Hornik
 May 2, 2019  Marlboro Brick Reformed Church is the first site in Marlboro to be included in this Weekend County event.
 April 24, 2019  Marlboro Named Tree City USA (Arbor Day)
 April 1, 2019  Operation Park Smart
 March 26, 2019  Marlboro Farmers Market
 March 11, 2019  Mayor Hornik Presents 2019 Budget with Tax Decrease
 March 7, 2019  Mayor Hornik Names Lt. Bryan O’Hare as Police Captain
 February 21, 2019  Mayor Hornik Names Capt. Pezzullo as Deputy Chief
 February 19, 2019  Mayor Hornik Continues to Encourage Citizen Reporting Initiative
 February 12, 2019  Statement from Mayor Hornik and the Township Council
 September 18, 2018  Mayor Hornik in Support of Health Care Savings Agreement
 July 12, 2018  Mayor Hornik Announces 6th Consecutive ‘Perfect’ Audit
 June 7, 2018  New Ordinance allows off-peak parking without a permit and free of charge at the three Marlboro permit lots. 
 April 11, 2018  Marlboro’s AAA S&P Rating Reaffirmed
 April 1, 2018  Trader Joe’s Goes Mobile
 March 28, 2018  Mayor Hornik Commends Board of Education for joint School Security Initiative
 February 27, 2018  Mayor Hornik Announces School Security Citizen Reporting Initiative
 February 22, 2018  Mayor Hornik Announces Road Repair Initiative
 February 10, 2018  Mayor Hornik Asks Council to Support Legislation Allowing Property Taxes as Charitable Contributions
 February 9, 2018  Marlboro Police are seeking volunteers to serve as a part of their Domestic Violence Response Team (DVRT)
in cooperation with 180 turning Lives Around. Training is provided. See Press Release for more.
 February 5, 2018  Road Repair Initiative
 October 24, 2017  Mayor Hornik Honors Recreation Sports Volunteers
 September 27, 2017  Marlboro Township Police Taking Back Unwanted Prescription Drugs
 September 7, 2017  Mayor Hornik Announces AA S&P Bond Rating
 August 18, 2017  Police Department Seeks DVRT volunteers
 August 10, 2017  Mayor Hornik Praises Marlboro Police Explorers
 July 13, 2017  Marlboro Township Perfect Audit for 2016
 May 16, 2017  Mayor Hornik Announces Memorial Day Parade
 May 2, 2017  Mayor Hornik Announces 2017 Municipal Budget Reduced
 February 14, 2017  Mayor Hornik Announces Stattel Farm Purchase
 February 13, 2017 The New Jersey State Forest Fire Service wishes is advising residents the seasonal prescribed burning program,
which reduces wildfire risks by burning buildup of natural debris on forest floors, is now underway.
Residents may see large plumes of smoke in areas where these controlled burns are being conducted;
please see the PRESS RELEASE for additional information.
 January 24, 2017  Mayor Hornik Swears in Marlboro First Aid Officers
 November 30, 2016  Mayor Jon Hornik announces that the On-line Internet Exchange Zone is now in place and available to residents
 November 17, 2016  Please see a letter from Mayor Jon Hornik to the residents of Marlboro.
 November 7, 2016  Mayor Jonathan Hornik Announces Veterans Day Ceremony
 October 19, 2016  Marlboro Police Honor Breast Cancer Awareness Month
 October 14, 2016  Mayor Hornik Announces Bond Rating Upgrade (Moody’s)
 September 12, 2016  Mayor Hornik Unveils Thin Blue Line on township Drive
 July 10, 2016  Mayor Hornik to Hold Candlelight Vigil in Honor of Fallen Dallas Police Officers
 May 23, 2016  Marlboro Police Remind Residents to Lock Their Cars
 April 18, 2016  Marlboro Police Participate in Taking Back Unwanted Drugs
 April 14, 2016  Mayor Hornik Proposes Safe Space Initiative