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Planning Division

The Planning Division of the Department of Community Development is responsible for coordinating the activities of the Township, the Municipal Planner and the Planning Board and maintains materials for all persons within the Township who seek Planning Board review of subdivisions, site plans, or any other reviews as are entrusted to the Planning Board by law.

The Planning Division is also charged with:

  • Disseminating information on filing of applications and site plans.
  • Arranging Planning Board agendas.
  • Publishing Planning Board notices.
  • Keeping all Planning Board minutes and making them available to the public on request.
  • Keeping all records relating to Planning Board applications, including evidence presented at Planning Board meetings.
  • Providing information to prospective home buyers with respect to the development site testing.
  • Filing Master Plan with adjacent municipalities and with the Monmouth County Planning Board.

Planning Board Applications

Planning Board applications are available in the Planning Division Office or can be sent via mail. The applicant is provided with a comprehensive application package which includes a W-9 form, a checklist, a fee schedule, and instructions on how to file the application. Planning Board forms, which can be picked up, mailed, or faxed (one or two sheet forms only), must be submitted to the Planning Division Office to either the Clerk Typist or the Administrative Officer. Applications and plans must be provided no less than 14 days prior to a Technical Review meeting. Plans for all public hearings must be submitted to the Planning Division Office no less than ten days prior to the hearing date.

Public Documents

The Planning Division Office maintains and archives all plans, reports, exhibits, evidence, resolutions, minutes, escrow accounts, notices, copies of the Master Plan, Zoning Map, Street Map, Storm Water Management Plan and other assorted documents that are associated with applications for land use development. The public can view these documents by making an appointment to come into the Planning Division Office. Quite often these files are stored in the Archives and must be retrieved from storage in order to viewed. It is therefore requested that the public call in advance and make an appointment so that the appropriate files can be made available.

All documentation that can fit on the Planning Division copy machines can be photocopied with little or no problems. Map pages may be able to be reproduced if they are not copyrighted. Generally photo copies are $0.50/page. Photo copies of maps are $4.00/page. Public documents that the Planning Division is responsible for can only be officially deleted or removed from public access with permission from the Division of Archives. At the present time Planning Division records are being scanned and recorded on CD ROM so that they will hopefully always be available for reference.

732-536-0200 ext 1801