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  • Loose, Curbside Piled Pickup By Zone
  • Special FREE Leaf Bag Distribution Saturday – Pre-Registration Required

Dear Resident,

One of our biggest challenges is collecting leaves curbside in a manner that provides residents the services they are accustomed to while being mindful of public safety, flooding and the appearance of neighborhoods and meeting our obligations to the Department of Environment Protection.  For fall 2021, we will continue a hybrid approach to leaf collection.  

Please read on for more information. 

It is important to note that when we schedule curbside collections we do so with two unknowns; the date leaves will fall and the date of our first snow.  Marlboro is a large town, consisting of approximately 14,000 residences and 300miles of roadway within 32 square miles. It takes our Department of Public Works (DPW) a month to complete one cycle to clear lawn debris. Leaves falling later, unpredictable storms and earlier snows all impact the timetable for completing the task.

Further, we do have some property owners as well as contractors, who, with no regard for the schedule, blow leaves into the street and the debris remains in the gutters for months presenting multiple hazards. 

From both a safety and environmental perspective, leaves clog sewers, cause flooding, and create icing and treacherous road conditions. Decomposing leaves on black top are environmentally problematic as they enter our waterways increasing the phosphorus and nitrogen in stormwater runoff leading to algae blooms which can harm aquatic life, create toxins, and impact waterfront economies.

With all this in mind, please review the following information to ensure a safe and timely leaf collection.   

  • Piled, Curbside, Collection: Each zone will have one curbside, piled leaf collection in November with four (4) zones picked up over the course of three (3) weeks instead of two zones per week. This allows for flexibility for emergent weather conditions and DPW can ‘go where the leaves are’.
  • Bagged Leaf Collection: Bagged leaf collection will be held by zone in December and another in January, 2022 to coincide with the Christmas Tree collection. Bagged leaves must be placed in paper, biodegradable leaf bags...25 bags will be provided to each home at no charge (see below).
    • Bagged or piled leaves must be curbside, not in the street, by 7am the first day of your zone collection. Once DPW collects your street’s leaves, they will not return and the leaves must be removed by a private contractor, brought to the recycling center or bagged for the next collection.
  • Lawn Contractors - Every lawn contractor that does work in Marlboro must be registered with the Township. This helps us to ensure that contractors are following our regulations and schedule, keeping streets clean and not putting lawn debris from other towns at our curbs. Please tell your landscaper to visit and look for ‘Landscaper Registration’ under ‘Quick Links & Actions’.
  • Leaf Bag Distribution – We are pleased to announce that each home can receive 25 biodegradable, paper leaf bags at no cost. To claim your bags complete the on line SDL form and bring your emailed permit to the DPW Monday to Friday 7:00am to 2:30 pm.
  • Leaf Bag Distribution Day - We will be holding a special ‘Leaf Bag Pickup’ on Saturday, November 6 from 8am to noon at the DPW yard. Simply complete the on-line SDL permit by 1pm Friday and bring it to the DPW Leaf Bag distribution in the Municipal complex to collect your leaf bags.
  • Stay Informed – As we enter into the winter months and a greater chance of inclement weather, staying informed is key. Curbside collection postponements, weather emergencies and more are announced through a combination of our communication options. Please visit the Township website at and enter your email in the blue box.  Follow the official Township Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages (look for the blue and gold seal). Registering for as many communication options as possible ensures that we can reach you even when some lines of communication are disturbed. 

Collection details, dates and many other recycling questions can be found in the annual Town Recycling Calendar mailed to your home in January, posted on the Township homepage and linked below:

Reserve your Leaf Bags: SDL PORTAL LEAF BAGS
Recycling Calendar: HERE





(w/Tree Pickup)

Zones 1, 2, 4 & 8

November 8

December 13

January 10 & 17

Zones 3, 5, 6 & 7

November 22

December 20

January 10 & 17

Saturday, November 6 8am – noon
Complete FREE on-line request form by Friday 1pm

By working together we can keep Marlboro streets clean and safe.  Thank you for your cooperation. 

Robert Miller, Superintendent of Public Works
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.