Selling Your Home?  As we enter the busy season for home sales, help make the CCO process a breeze. Before you put your home on the market, check that permits have been filed and closed for  items such as finished basements, sheds, decks, raised patios and gazebos as this is required before a CCO can be issued.  Please call the Building Department at 732 536-0200 ext. 1800 to review.  Spring and summer are busy times for home sales and CCO inspections are currently being scheduled approximately three weeks after submission as long as all permits are filed/closed and this will increase as the selling season picks up. Please plan accordingly when you start the process of selling your home. Thank you for your cooperation.

Zoning Office Message on Property Maintenance – As spring cleanups begin, the Zoning Office details code requirements for property maintenance and how to report a vacant home in your neighborhood before it becomes unsightly.  Please see the Zoning letter HERE.