September 29, 2022

RE: Public Safety Update

Dear Resident,

Chief Pezzullo and I recently announced a partnership between Ring Doorbell/Neighborhood app and the Marlboro Police as a further expansion of the ‘See Something. Say Something. We Will Do Something.’ initiative. We are asking residents to download the free Neighbors app as a continuing partnership in preventing crime. 

Marlboro Township’s participation in the Neighbors Public Safety Service (NPSS) allows public safety officials to connect, communicate and share hyper-local information.  The app gives our police a tool to help them better engage and inform the community and will facilitate updates and safety alerts as well as ask residents for assistance, including information and videos, to assist in an ongoing investigation.

Neighbors App - Residents do not need a ring doorbell security system, or any security system, to participate in this program. Please click HERE for program details along with links to download the free ‘Neighbors’ app to your Apple, Android, or Amazon Fire device. 

‘Take the Pledge Lawn’ Sign – If you have not yet taken the pledge and received a lawn sign, it is not too late.  Please click HERE for QR codes you scan to register and have a Police Officer deliver a lawn sign to your home.  Learn more about this program HERE.  Displaying a lawn sign reminds your neighbors to lock up and sends a message to potential thieves to stay out of Marlboro. 

I have asked Chief Pezzullo to increase police patrols and assets, especially in certain areas of Marlboro that have been reoccurring targets.  Additionally, I have been in communication with Governor Murphy and Attorney General Platkin regarding the need to hold accountable those who commit crimes.  

The ‘See Something. Say Something. We Will Do Something.’ initiative has made a difference.  Successful vehicle thefts have been reduced by 40% and has resulted in 18 arrests.  We will continue to work diligently to keep Marlboro safe, but we need your assistance.  Remove valuables (wallet, keys, handbags, garage door openers), lock your car and take the fob inside. Make sure house windows and doors are locked, garage doors closed, and set a house alarm if you have one. Keep your key fobs out of sight and do not leave them on a hook by the door or visible from the windows.

Please take a moment to download the Neighbors app and request a ‘I Took the Pledge’ lawn sign.  If you see anything that seems suspicious or out of place, don’t hesitate…call the Police.  Together, we will keep Marlboro safe.

Yours in community,
Mayor Jon Hornik