March, 2022

RE: ‘See Something. Say Something. ® We will Do Something’

Dear Resident,

We are reaching out to you once again to request your assistance in keeping the Township of Marlboro safe.

In 2018, in response to a number of school shootings that took place throughout the United States, I launched the ‘See Something. Say Something. ® We will Do Something’ campaign. This successful program increased engagement between members of our community and our police and has offered our Public Safety officials a window into our schools that has allowed them to more effectively keep our children safe. Today, we are announcing the expansion of that initiative to include car thefts and general public safety. 

In light of the recent uptick in car thefts in New Jersey suburban communities, including Marlboro, we are asking every resident to keep valuables out of sight, lock car doors and take key FOBs with you.  Virtually every car stolen has been left unlocked with the key fob inside. Further, an unlocked car gives access to your home via the garage door opener. 

Above all, we are asking our residents to communicate with our Public Safety Officials at the first sign of suspicious activity in their neighborhoods. Marlboro Township is located within 32 square miles and, although we have ramped up patrols, our Police cannot do this alone.  If you see something that does not feel right or seems out of place, do not hesitate, call the police.

Take a moment to review the following information with all your family members, including teenagers, and those that may be visiting your home:

  • The safety letter outlines measures to keep your families and property safe HERE
  • Resident Reporting – An updated list of reporting numbers and websites is linked HERE. Please save it or take a screen shot to your phone so you always have access. In case of emergency, always dial 911.
  • Get to Know Your Neighbors – Knowing your neighbors’ schedule and normal activity will help to alert you to suspicious activity. Sharing this information with those who may not have access will help to make your neighborhood a less attractive target.

Working together is the first line of defense and will keep Marlboro the great place it is to live and raise a family. 

Yours in community,

Mayor Jon Hornik