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RE: Spring Cleanup/Bulk Pickup
 Brush Collection
Update #3

Dear Resident,

Bulk and Brush Collection operations are underway. Please see below to review the schedules by zone and review the regulations helping us keep Marlboro Township safe and clean. Please note that there is no bulk pick up the week following Mother’s Day.  Please keep streets safe and accessible for visitors, vehicles and pedestrians, and do not place items curbside until one week prior to your first collection day. 


Please note the following for all curbside collections:

  • All items must be curbside by 7AM of the first scheduled pick up day for your zone, but no earlier than the weekend prior
  • Items may not be commingled. If brush and bulk are scheduled at the same time, please clearly separate them. Items must be set out curbside- not on the roadway, but on your property near the street
  • Once a street is completed, DPW will not return to that street. If you miss your zone’s scheduled pick up, see below for recycling center guidelines, or you may arrange for a private contractor
  • It can take up to a week for DPW to complete all pick-ups in a zone, but once a truck has cleared a street they will not return (large appliances may be collected separately)
  • Residents or landscapers placing debris for collection in an unauthorized manner shall be required to remove the waste from the public right of way


(Quick Reference Chart HERE)

  1. No TVs, printers, computers, stereos, or other electronic equipment can be placed curbside, per state regulation. All electronics may be brought to the Recycling Center throughout the year with no permit or fee required
  2. Separate metal objects from other debris
  3. Remove doors from large appliances (refrigerators, washers, and dryers) NOTE large appliances may be picked up separately and after the general bulk collection.
  4. Millponds and Point De Jardin residents must place their bulk items at the center islands in front of the unit in each court
  5. Hammer down all nails
  6. Fencing, decking, and discarded lumber must be cut to a maximum length of four (4) feet
  7. All containers and drums must have one end removed and must be empty of all liquid
  8. No single item may weigh more than 300lbs.
  9. The total items placed at any residence must not exceed more than five (5) cubic yards
  10. The following items will not be collected in Bulk Pick Up – batteries, branches, brush, closed barrels and drums, concrete/concrete filled items, car parts, containers and individual items weighing over 300lbs., cardboard, treated lumber, excessive construction debris, grass, hazardous materials, liquids of any kind, propane tanks, leaves, logs, paint in cans, rocks, slate, stones, bricks, dirt, vegetative waste, tires, electronics, treated wood, tree stumps


(Quick Reference Chart HERE)

  1. Brush and leaves may not be commingled
    • Brush commingled with leaves, grass, stumps, rocks, construction material, fence posts, trash, or recyclables will not be collected
  2. Do not place lawn debris near sewer drains
    • If you have a sewer or inlet on or near your property, please take a moment to ensure the drain is clear and free from debris – your efforts will help reduce flooding and keep our waterways clean
  3. All brush must be cut to a maximum length of six (6) feet and a maximum diameter of four (4) inches, and must not exceed fifty (50) pounds
  4. Branches less than one inch in diameter should be tied into neat bundles no more than four (4) feet in length and two (2) feel across

The 2022 Recycling Calendar has been mailed to all homes in Marlboro Township, is posted on the Township website, and is linked here. Pages 19 and 20 of the Recycling Calendar have more information on Bulk Pick Up and Brush Collection. Page 17 of the Recycling Calendar provides guidance on how, when, and where to dispose of various items.

The Recycling Center, located at the Municipal Complex, is open Monday and Wednesday from 8:00AM-1:30PM and on Saturday from 8:00AM-4:00PM (holidays may effect these hours). We welcome residents to drop off electronics (TVs, computers, etc.) to the Recycling Center without permits or fees. Residents may bring brush and leaves to the Recycling Center without permits or fees throughout the year. A free bulk permit is available on line SDL portal for residents to drop off bulk items at the Recycling Center.

If you have any questions regarding Bulk Pick-Up, Brush Collection, or the Recycling Center, please call Marlboro Township Public Works at 732-536-0188 or 732-536-9295 or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation as we work together to keep Marlboro streets safe and clean.

Robert Miller, Director of Public Works