August 6, 2020

Tropical Storm Isaias Update # 6

Dear Resident,

As of 11:00 this morning, JCP&L is reporting 342,768 customers without power statewide and 98,887 in Monmouth County.  Marlboro has 7,542 without power, down from 11,175 last night at 6pm.

Last evening I contacted Governor Murphy directly to let him know that we were not pleased with the level of service and communication from JCP&L in restoring power to Marlboro residents. I provided specific examples of their failure to make meaningful progress in our town. After a flurry of calls last evening and early this morning, I was promised substantial movement today including in the areas of Robertsville Road near Greenbriar, Crine Road and School Road where major trees remain down and on top of wires.

This morning I spoke with the President of JCP&L and he stated that power will be restored to 90 percent of Marlboro customers by midnight tonight.  He has promised me the resources necessary to meet these goals. I will continue to push JCP&L until everyone is restored.

I also addressed the message that JCP&L sent to customers last night stating that power would be restored by August 11.  I was advised that this was a blanket statement made to the entire JCP&L service area.  I made it clear that this was not an acceptable communication to customers who are already frustrated 36 hours after the power outage. 

The Recreation Center is again open for charging and cooling until 9:00pm this evening.  For residents without public water, a water tank with non-potable water is available.  Please bring your own containers.  JCP&L continues to offer free ice and water to residents without power.  Local locations include the ShopRite in Aberdeen and Marlboro.  Details on these and other services can be found in Update #4 on line and HERE.  

We are aware that there are residents of all ages with special health needs in all our adult communities as well as in individual homes throughout the Township. My office has been in contact with our senior communities and the Recreation staff in charge of senior programming has been in contact with senior recreation participants.  We are asking for your assistance.  If you have older neighbors or those with health issues, take a moment and check in on their well-being. 

Thank you, and we will continue to update you are more information becomes available. 

Mayor Jon Hornik