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Marlboro Swim Club

Why is the Marlboro Swim Club B.Y.O.C. (Bring Your Own Chair)?

  • You can bring your preferred chair…lounge, high, low, reclining, etc. with the cup holder in just the right place.
  • It sanitary…it’s your chair!
  • Ever been to a resort or cruise and someone puts a ‘save’ towel on the chair and you never see them again? Vacation frustration! No problem here.
  • You can place your chair exactly where you want it and move it around to follow the sun or your kid.
  • Lounge chairs meant for public use are very heavy and destroy the grass. We like our grass green.
  • Pool/beach chairs are light weight and can be transported as a backpack or on wheels. Pick your favorite color and style. Express yourself!

Phone 732-617-0100