RE: Take the Pledge

Dear Resident,

Chief Pezzullo and I are pleased to introduce a new initiative called ‘Take the Pledge’. To address the uptick in vehicle thefts in Marlboro and suburban communities around the state we are asking residents to go on-line and pledge to take basic steps to keep our vehicles and homes safe. Above all, we are asking residents to communicate with our Public Safety Officials at the first sign of suspicious activity. If you see something that does not feel right or seems out of place, do not hesitate, call the police.

This past March, Chief Pezzullo and I expanded the ‘See Something. Say Something. ® We will Do Something’ program to include home and vehicle safety and since that time, 12 arrests have been made.   This program was originally announced in 2018 in response to a number of school shootings that took place throughout the United States, successfully increasing engagement between members of our community and our police. 

It is important to note that virtually every car stolen has been left unlocked with the key fob inside. Even more concerning, an unlocked car gives access to your home via the garage door opener. So, please visit the SAFETY PLEDGE PORTAL, take the on-line pledge and a Marlboro Police Officer will deliver an ‘I Took the Pledge’ lawn sign to your home.

Displaying the lawn sign will share this safety message with your neighbors and let potential thieves know to ‘Get Out of Marlboro!’

Together, as a community, we will make a difference. 

Mayor Jon Hornik

Chief Peter Pezzullo