August 12, 2020 

RE: Tropical Storm Isaias Update #11 (FINAL)

Dear Resident,

Needless to say, we have had a difficult week.  Tropical Storm Isaias came barreling through the Northeast with winds gusts up to 70MPH and three tornados were confirmed in New Jersey. The storm took down trees, wires and poles, and left more than 1 million New Jersey residents without power including, at the height, 90% of Marlboro homes.

Not to belabor the point, but as you probably witnessed yourself, JCP&L’s restoration process was unacceptable.   In response, I wrote a letter to the President of the Board of Public Utilities regarding JCP&L’s storm response. It is posted on our website and can be read HERE.   In the aftermath, however, putting things in perspective, we did not suffer and serious injuries or widespread damage to property, and for that I am thankful.

That being said, storm preparation, response and clean-up takes a team and I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge their efforts.   I want to thank Marlboro Division of Police and the Office of Emergency Management led by Chief Peter Pezzullo, our First Aid and Fire First Responders, Department of Public Works and Township employees who worked non-stop during this public emergency.  Although power is never restored as quickly as we want it to be, I am grateful for the JCP&L employees who travelled from across the country to help get us up and running.  Finally, thank you to you, our residents for checking on your neighbors, for staying off the roads allowing our emergency vehicles access, and for your words of support and encouragement.  It is truly appreciated. 

OPTIMUM/ALTICE - For residents still experiencing outages or spotty service, please use this link HERE. The form is designed for Marlboro residents and will be sent directly to our representative. 

EMERGENCY BRUSH PICKUP IS UNDERWAY – In response to the recent storm, the Department of Public Works (DPW) began emergency storm debris removal (brush only) Monday, August 10 and all debris was to be placed curbside no later than 7:00 am Monday. As this collection is town-wide and not by zone, it is anticipated to take approximately four weeks. Note, however, that once Public Works clears your street, they will not return and your brush must be removed by private contractor or be brought to the recycling center.

Please note the following:

  • To ensure that our streets are safe and passable and to prevent flooding, debris should be placed on your property near the curb and not in the roadway.
  • Debris placed curbside that does not meet regulations will not be collected and must be brought to the recycling center or removed by a private contractor.  All brush is to be cut to a maximum length of six (6) feet and a maximum diameter of four (4) inches and should not exceed fifty (50) pounds in weight. Branches less than one inch in diameter shall be tied in neat bundles no more than four (4) feet in length and two (2) feet across.
  • Brush commingled with leaves, grass, rocks, stumps, construction debris, fence posts, etc., trash or recyclables will not be collected.
  • Individuals or contractors placing debris for collection in an unauthorized manner shall be required to remove the waste from the public right of way.

This interim collection only applies to storm debris. The normal brush collection will commence in October as previously published. Note that all regulations as detailed in the recycling calendar and HERE must be adhered to.

We never know when severe weather is going to strike.  This storm, nearly eight years after Superstorm Sandy, reminds us that preparedness and communication are key.  Preparedness messages are sent throughout the year and can be found on the ‘Storm Alerts & Updates’ page of the website.  

It is important that we have as many ways to reach you as possible.  In addition to receiving Township emails, please visit ‘Resident Communications’ to register for SWIFT 911 for both your home and cell and opt in for text messaging options. Follow us on the official Township Facebook page and Twitter.  For some residents without smart phones, a power outage means they are unable to access emails. If this is true for you or a loved one, we suggest that an adult child or relative register to receive notifications on their behalf.  

By working together we can weather the storm.  Be well and stay safe. 

Yours in Community,

Mayor Jon Hornik