February 1, 2021

Dear Resident, 

I hope everyone is doing well. New Jersey remains under a state of emergency with hazardous weather conditions to continue through Tuesday afternoon.  Please note the following additional state and Township updates:

  1. Due to the inclement weather, Zone 1 Recycling is cancelled for tomorrow, February 2.  Please do not place items curbside. The makeup day will be Tuesday, February 9.  The February 16 recycling collection will be held as scheduled, weather permitting.  Place items curbside by 7am on a recycling day. 
  2. Governor Phil Murphy today announced that state offices and all six vaccine mega-sites will remain closed on Tuesday, February 2.

The Department of Public Works continues to plow our roadways.  Public Works main goal is to clear the streets of snow meaning that the plows are angled to the curb.  Everywhere snow falls and plows plow, residents are unhappy that they have snow piles at the end of the driveway.  Unfortunately, this is unavoidable.   Tips and tricks to lessen the ‘second shovel’ can be found on line in articles and YouTube videos and on our ‘Surviving the Snow’ brochure linked HERE. The best method is to wait until the snow has stopped and the plows have cleared the street so your driveway is not the ‘empty space’ the snow falls into. Alternatively, don’t clear all the way down to your driveway apron/street line.  Please note that if you have an emergency, our dispatchers will send a plow with the ambulance. We will get to you. 

When you do begin to clear your driveways, mailboxes and cars, please do not throw the snow onto the plowed street, but place it onto your property.  If you use a snow removal contractor please let them know of this regulation. Snow thrown onto roadways creates dangerous and icing conditions.  

The Marlboro Division of Police are available 24/7 and can be reached at 732-536-0100.  Emergencies dial 911.  Please do not call the police for snow updates.  They do not have additional information and it is vital that their lines stay open for emergencies.  

If you are able, please help neighbors in need clear their driveways. Our Fire Marshal reminds residents to clear around a hydrant located on or near your property.  Please stay home if you can.  As always, prior updates, including contact information in the event of power outages, are linked below.  

Have a good evening,
Mayor Jon Hornik