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Marlboro Township Green Team Mission

Climate disruption is an urgent threat to the environmental and economic health of our communities. Many cities, in this country and abroad, have instituted strong local policies and programs to reduce global warming. More action is needed at the local, state, and federal levels and Marlboro Township is gearing up to meet this challenge.

Mayor Jonathon Hornik has invited members of the community to serve on the townships “Green Team”. The Team will identify concrete actions that can be implemented on the path to becoming a green, sustainable community.

Assisting Marlboro and other New Jersey Communities is the Sustainable Jersey certification program. This program is designed for municipalities who want to “go green”, control costs, save money, and take steps to sustain quality of life over the long term. Participation in the Sustainable Jersey program allows Marlboro to receive clear guidance, tools and small grant funds to assist the community in our green effort.

Mayor Hornik has also signed the U.S. Mayors Climate Protection Agreement. As one of over 700 signatories, Marlboro Township will take part in this valuable initiative created by Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels. Launched in February of 2005, the U.S. Mayors Climate Protection Agreement is designed to support the Kyoto Protocol, an international law, enacted to address climate disruption and ratified in 141 countries.

Statewide, the Board of Public Utilities is coordinating projects, education and grants to assist municipalities and private enterprises in sustainable green efforts through its New Jersey's Clean Energy program. The NJDEP has created a Green House Gas Reduction Grant program that supplies both money and guidelines for success in green projects on the municipal and regional level. Assistance is also available with the efforts of many non-profit groups who help with education, donation and event coordination.

Marlboro will continue to use every resource obtainable to meet our goal of a sustainable community. Our residents are our best resource, and we look forward to public participation in this exciting initiative.