NOTE: All committees, with the exception of special events, meet in the evenings unless otherwise noted. All committees require the completion of the Citizens Service Act (CSA) form unless indicated.

  • Affordable Housing Agency (AHA) – The AHA is charged with implementing the policies and goals of the Township’s Affordable Housing ordinance. The AHA works with the Administrative Agent and the AHA Attorney to ensure compliance. The AHA meets on the third Tuesday of each month at 7pm.
  •  Alliance for Prevention of Substance Abuse – Their goal is to raise public awareness about substance abuse and other issues that affect our community. They aim to empower all residents with the knowledge needed to ensure healthy, safe and drug-free lives. Citizens come together with representative from the school districts, police, community groups and township officials to help develop and implement programs and services. Meetings are generally held monthly on Thursday at 9:15am at the recreation center.
  • Economic Development Committee (EDC) – The EDC supports local businesses through events, Shop Marlboro program and ribbon cuttings. Time commitment is 2-3 hours a month. The Marlboro EDC is looking for volunteers who have some or all of the following specialized skills: strong written and verbal communication skills, Social Media expertise, Graphic Design, Commitment to attend evening team meetings approx. every three weeks; Commitment to attend and participate in key initiatives (mostly weekends, such as New Business Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies, Marlboro Day, etc.) For more click HERE.
  • Environmental Commission – The commission meets monthly to review applications for development (Planning & Zoning) to ensure the appropriate environmental protection and use of natural resources is employed in Marlboro Township.
  • Ethics Board - The elected officials, appointed officials and employees of the Township of Marlboro abide by a Code of Ethics. This code was created to ensure a responsible and accountable government in Marlboro. The Marlboro Ethics Board is an independent body whose members are appointed by the Mayor with the approval of the Town Council.
  • Green Team – Their mission is to implement programs to raise awareness and help Marlboro become a more sustainable community, working on the local level to reduce waste, cut greenhouse gas emissions, improve our environment, and encourage sustainable practices. Join the team and contribute to a better world for our children and future generations.
  • Marlboro Swim Club Advisory Committee – A sub-committee of Rec and Swim, this committee advises the recreation department and swim director with matters directly relating to the Marlboro Swim Club. Swim Club membership strongly weighted.
  • Recreation and Swim Advisory Committee - The committee makes recommendations that help guide the Recreation Department in programming, strategic planning and facility improvements. We oversee all town Recreation, Parks, Fields, Sports (Soccer, Basketball, Wrestling, LAX), Senior Programs and activities. Volunteers also lend time and support to all community wide events such as our Annual Marlboro Day Festival as well as provide mentorship to our youth though coaching.
  • Senior Advisory Committee (SAC) – SAC identifies the needs of the senior citizen community and assists in the evaluation and recommendation of Township services and activities for the overall wellbeing of the senior citizens residents of the community. When deemed appropriate, SAC will communicate with and direct residents to the appropriate county and State organizations. SAC meets monthly at 10:30am in the Rec Center.
  • Veterans and Volunteers Committee - The Committee dedicates itself to recognizing the unselfish contributions of the men and women who serve and have served in the United States Military, and to those who through volunteer service as Firefighters and Emergency Medical Technicians protect our families and quality of life.
  • Youth Exchange Program - Cultural exchanges between our sister cities in Nanto City, Japan and Wujiang, China. This program affords students the opportunity welcome their peers from these countries into their homes and to travel to the country of the students that they hosted for a one week homestay in our sister city. 

(No CSA required. Email for more)

  • CERT - We encourage community and business members to join the team, and with on-going training, teach preparedness (in case of emergency) for members, their families and the community as a whole. We are back up support for township Police and emergency services when disaster strikes. Everybody needs a plan – let Marlboro CERT help you develop yours!
  • Domestic Violence Response Team (DVRT) - The DVRT consists of members of our community who work collaboratively with the Marlboro Police Department to provide confidential support, information, and resources to victims of domestic violence. Advocates also discuss safety planning with victims and their legal rights in regards to obtaining a Temporary Restraining Order. Volunteers must be 18 years of age or older, pass a background check, have access to transportation, and successfully complete a mandatory 40 hour training course.
  • (See Police Explorers in Teen/Youth Section)

(No CSA required. Join on-line or send email as noted.)

  • Teen Advisory Committee (TAC) - TAC’s mission is to afford teens (age 13-18) the opportunity to have a voice in our local government and to enhance their leadership skills. TAC members give back through a “Do Good’ initiative by volunteering at community events. TAC also meets as a group at large every other month in the Town Hall Court Room. Join TAC HERE.
  • Police Explorers –The Marlboro Police Explorer program is open to students between the ages of 14 and 21 who are interested in learning more about the law enforcement profession. Explorers assist the police department at township events, attend monthly meetings, participate in a youth police academy and are eligible to go on “ride-alongs” with police officers once they reach the age of 16. For more information email

(No CSA Required. Apply Directly to the Fire or First Aid Squad. )

Marlboro is fortunate to have two (2) First Aid and Rescue Squads and three (3) Fire Departments. They are all VOLUNTEER and on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. While we hope we never need their services, they provide a critical resource when we do. They are always looking for eligible people to join their ranks from youth to adults. No prior experience is needed. All provided training is free. Please contact them directly to learn about their volunteer options. **There are also many Township benefits that come along with joining the volunteer emergency services**

Marlboro First Aid Squad – (732) 536-1166  
Morganville First Aid Squad (732)591-1200 

Marlboro Fire Company #1 (732) 462-1829  
Robertsville Fire Company #2 (732) 536-3565  
Morganville Fire Department #3 (732) 591-9616