January 31, 2021

Dear Resident,

The National Weather Service has declared a WINTER STORM WARNING in effect from 1pm this afternoon until 10am Tuesday.  Snow begins late this afternoon and will last through Monday night or early into Tuesday.  Snowfall amounts are currently in the 12” to 15” range for central Jersey. Some Banding may occur and where this happens, snowfall amounts will be increased. Wind gusts of up to 45MPH are expected.  The combination of heavy wet snow and high winds can lead to power outages. 

Your cooperation is needed during snowfall events to help the Township complete snow removal operations. NO vehicles or personal property such as basketball hoops should be in roadways during snow events and should remain off the roadways until all salting and plowing has been completed.

Please take this morning and early afternoon to complete your storm preparations.  

  • Keep electronic devices such as cell phones, laptops and tablet computers fully charged. 
  • Keep a flashlight, portable radio and extra batteries handy. 
  • Gather extra blankets or a sleeping bag for each person. 
  • If you have a water well and pump, keep an emergency supply of bottled water and/or fill your bathtub with fresh water. 
  • • Keep an emergency supply of convenience foods that do not require cooking or refrigeration. 

We have been in touch with JCP&L and they are prepared to activate their storm response plan.  Please review the following so you will be prepared to report outages and receive updates should outages occur:

Optimum - In the event services are impacted, visit My Account  for service updates. Reporting outages, text alerts and FAQs:

  1. Message Optimum at optimum.net/chat
  2. Send Tweet to @Optimumhelp 
  3. Call (866) 950-3278 
  4. Receive service alerts via text or voice message by going to My Account.
  5. Many of these resources, as well as storm preparation recommendations and frequently asked questions, are also available at https://www.optimum.net/pages/storm-preparedness.html

JCP&L – Outages should be reported to JCP&L.

  1. Communication Tools for both reporting and outage and service updates are available on-line https://www.firstenergycorp.com/help/communication_tools.html
  2. Important phone numbers and on line reporting information was sent with Update #2 and linked HERE

Marlboro Communicates -

This is expected to be a long duration event. Snowfall rates during the day on Monday may reach 1” to 2” per hour. Please take the time now to ensure that you are your family are ready.  Links to the first update for this storm as well as to our Township storm alerts page are below.  

The COVID Testing Truck is open today from 9am to 3pm as scheduled.  Please see the FLYER for more.  Stay safe. We will update you as more is available.  

Mayor Jon Hornik 

Winter Storm Update #1